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Capitalizing On Mobile Immersion

Yesterday, John Motavalli, a columnist for MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider, wrote a compelling article about programmatic advertising’s response to the mobile obsession of the younger generation. While the ubiquitous presence of phones and tablets might mean the bane of family room conversation, it’s a major opportunity for programmatic advertisers.

Generation Z, those born between 1995 – 2005, are considered “technology natives” and present advertisers with a fascinating irony: never before has a generation been so accessible to advertisers and yet, this digitally savvy generation is the most resistant to advertisements. They are both disciples of Facebook and the internet’s most prolific ad blockers.

Programmatic advertisers are overcoming this generational hurdle by finding their young audiences across multiple screens and serving them smart, relevant, site inherent ads. Motavelli writes, “As marketers get better at programmatic targeting and use of cleverly disguised native advertising grows, Generation Z will be exposed to more ad messages than any comparable previous group of young people.” In order to rise above the noise and capture the attention of young Americans, advertisers and ad techs must capitalize on the mobile phenomenon and reach their audience smarter.

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