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At Awlogy, we believe the power of modern media performs best with the right blend of Technology + Humans. We’ve vetted 100s of ad technologies and established partnerships the top data, attribution, influencer marketing, buy-side platforms, inventory sources and more. 

At Awlogy, you have the unique opportunity to become an expert on the industry’s most in-demand technology & digital marketing channels. You will have a direct impact on our team and clients; advising, executing & analyzing outcomes of campaigns across display, video, social, audio, CTV, native, mobile, and multi-channel strategies. 

Help us push the limits of modern advertising. If you love to learn, grow, and develop your skills, Awlogy is the right place for you. We love people who are hungry and eager to learn what’s possible in the media ecosystem. We check our egos at the door and keep an open-mind to the ever-changing media landscape.

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About Awlogy

Awlogy helps ad agencies harness the power of the complex advertising ecosystem and deliver premium programmatic services for their clients.

The media landscape is vast & complex. There are now over 4,000 marketing and technology providers ranging from DSPs, DMPs, brand safety, inventory and platforms. We don’t believe any one platform or technology is the end all be all for every type of campaign goal. We’ve spent time on-boarding and auditing hundreds of providers to help us mix and match the right combination for your campaigns. 

Platforms aren’t setup for support. If you’ve worked direct with a platform before, you know that support and problem solving issues is slow and limited. That makes sense since their job is to provide the technology and make sure it’s keeping up to pace.  You can lean on our performance team to help problem solve and address technical issues when they arise rather than waiting for someone to get to your support ticket. 

There isn’t enough time or resources. Today’s agencies and advertisers are being challenged to push the boundaries of their media campaigns without sacrificing things like performance, brand safety or innovation. Today’s fully accountable and efficient programmatic campaign can use an average of 6 or more different technology layers which can be hard to keep up with. As your own media buy hub, Awlogy acts as your ultimate resource and media buying & technology partner. 

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