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Programmatic Dollar $igns

Programmatic ad buying has reached a tipping point. 2015 was the first year where programmatic transactions made up the majority of non-search digital ad spend. Now we’re halfway through 2016 and programmatic advertising has continued to grow exponentially. Observing the shift, publishers liked LinkedIn are offering programmatic solutions

LinkedIn announced on Tuesday that the newly acquired company is launching its own programmatic offering. Advertisers will now have programmatic access to LinkedIn’s 433 million global members through the company’s inventory of display ads. This inventory is available through Open Auction with a host of buying partners or, for access to additional targeting, advertisers can buy via LinkedIn Private Auctions.

While LinkedIn’s new programmatic pipeline is an exciting opportunity for B2B advertisers it comes with a strict limitation: it’s specific to desktop display placements. We believe that the rapid growth of programmatic buying is fueled by mobile and video RTB. According to eMarketer programmatic mobile and video represent 69% and 56% of their respected total ad spends. Next year, mobile video will overtake its desktop counterpart for the first time, netting ad spends in the tens of billions. And as the noose tightens for desktop computers, mobile ad buying will only increase in prominence.

I’ve hung a lot of percentages and dollar signs on the line. They’re impressive but sometimes blunt the finer point: every year programmatic ad buying climbs to new heights and will only continue to do so. In the near future, programmatic will dominate the digital advertising landscape. It’s as exciting as it is inevitable. The best way for agencies, publishers and ad technologies to prepare is to stay informed and be ready to adapt as each channel, whether it be native, rich media, outdoor, or television, makes the jump to programmatic. Oh, and keep reading this blog, that will help as well.

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