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Instagram Updates Look and Feel of Ads

One of the world’s biggest social networks is tweaking its ad design.

Instagram is making some minor, but impactful changes to the way call-to-actions appear to users scrolling through their feed.

Currently, ads served on Instagram include a call-to-action bar displayed below the creative that transitions from white to blue. In the new update, the bar dynamically adapts to the dominant color of the content displayed.

What’s the reason for the update?

According to Marketing Land, which reported on this update last week, Instagram is making this shift to “better coordinate with the primary element of the native ad that grabbed the user’s attention.” By redesigning the look and feel, this move might make ads integrate more naturally than they currently do in the Instagram feed.  (Image via Marketing Land)

It could also be a way for Instagram to attract more advertisers to the platform. Marketing Land speculated that the new look could allow the social network to offer more ad placements while also keeping users from feeling like they’re bombarded by sponsored content.

The update also could be in response to addressing questions from advertisers about the platform’s direct-response effectiveness. Earlier this year, the Facebook-owned social network made a similar change to its ad design, moving away from a CTA button and towards the CTA bar that is undergoing the new facelift.

A brief history of Instagram ads

Ads are still relatively new to Instagram. The photo/video driven app first started selling advertising in 2015, allowing companies to serve ads through Facebook Business Manager.

Historically, Instagram has been very cautious in its approach to advertising. Co-founder Kevin Systrom once revealed that Instagram had a content review process for ads that went directly through him. In 2013, Systrom told media that it was important for ads to be both high quality and feel organic.

What does the update mean for advertisers?

If you’re a brand that’s dedicating part of your digital budget to Instagram, you’re probably wondering what this means for you. For advertisers, the change reinforces the importance of strong creative. Instagram wants ads that appear on its feed and stories to feel like native content, which ensures that a user’s experience isn’t intruded upon.

Advertisers and brands should be dedicating a sufficient amount of resources towards creating quality content. Do your best to make photos, videos and images that pop and can stop someone right in their tracks while scrolling through their feed.

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