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2017: The Year of Voice Assistants

Ever feel like no ones listening to you? Well you and everyone else. Lucky enough, the digital world is here to help.

Ever feel like no ones listening to you? Well you and everyone else. Lucky enough, the digital world is here to help.

Whether it’s our coworkers, spouse, or our bird named Lorenzo, we’ve all complained some time or another that we felt no one was listening to us.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in wanting another hand around the house, and in 2017 almost 25-million new voice assistant’s will be introduced to the market. This grandiose addition will bring the total number of voice-first devices to a whopping 33-million in circulation, according to new insights published by Media Post.
In 2016, Amazon Echo and Google Home ranked favorably with the introduction of 7-million voice-first devices, deeming an increase of 5-million from the year before.

A few key capabilities of current voice assistants are the ability to play music, surf the web, keep a detailed personal schedule, turn lights on and off, take vocal notes in real-time, and order pizza.

What more could you really want?

Pepperoni pizza, extra cheese, sliced with King Arthur’s infamous Excalibur? Ancient sword retrieval enacted, and order placed.

Think of the possibilities.

With the introduction of nearly 25-million voice assistant devices this year soon it’ll be hard to imagine a life in which we choose to participate in menial tasks, such as getting out from under our warm and forgiving sheets to flip a light switch.

In addition, one big provision foreseen by the voice assistant industry is the introduction of person-to-person communication.

Or in simpler terms, a present day “walkie talkie” of sorts.

“Direct communication fuels growth,” said Adam Marchick, CEO of VoiceLabs, a company whose voice analytics are used for developers of Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
Marchick described the person-to-person voice assistant communication as a modern version of the walkie talkie, so that a family member in one location could speak to a distant relative via a device in each location.”

This study, courtesy of Media Post, also projected the areas in which companies will maximize efficacy this year: Google at providing intelligent responses, Amazon at commerce, Microsoft in gaming and Apple in Apple TV.

Tired from the day already?

10 Minute power-nap alarm set, and snooze button ready.

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