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‘Tis the Season: Mobile Experiences Make Engaged Customers

Walk around the aisles of any retail store, and you are bound to encounter at least one person looking at the screen of their smartphone. Our interdependency on our digital technology has become fairly commonplace. With the holiday shopping season looming, our smartphones will definitely be a surefire weapon for snagging the best deals and for all things research.

According to an article by Marketing Land, a recent study by Euclid Analytics revealed important insights about consumer preferences and their shopping behavior – crucial information for retailers right before the holidays.

The study revealed that despite the fact that online commerce is on the rise, consumers tend to shop in stores more frequently than they do online. In fact, more than 90% of smartphone owners visit brick-and-mortar retail stores at least once a week, compared to only about 49% who stated they shop online at least once a week.

Additional insights revealed that 83% of those surveyed admitted to using their smartphones while they shopped in stores. Making this a prime opportunity to employ rooftop and hyper local targeting tactics.

The top reasons disclosed for the ways in which people use their smartphones in stores included price comparisons, researching deals and offers as well as general cell use. In regards to app usage, Facebook is the most commonly used app while shopping. Following Facebook are Google and Amazon, apps that are presumably used to conduct product research.

With so much information and resources out there, consumers value the accessibility that smartphones provide while they navigate through a seemingly overwhelming retail landscape. However, there are still capabilities that shoppers reported they’d wish were more available on their smartphones, including access to deals and offers, swift access to loyalty programs, and inventory count for products.

So what does all this mean for retailers and marketers alike? Well, for one, these findings help pave the way for improving and personalizing the traditional shopping experience from a digital and mobile perspective. Consumers expect an experience when they shop brick-and-mortar stores, so they need to be engaged; otherwise, brands risk losing the prospect of converting its shoppers. Whether it’d be through delivering a message based off of physical location or offering some kind of reward or coupon, retailers and agencies need to take advantage of the fact that shoppers are most likely on their smartphones while shopping their stores. With the beginning of the holiday shopping season right round the corner, we will be on the lookout for innovative technologies and methods that will be implemented to sway the modern, tech savvy consumer.

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