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Analyzing the Advertising Habits of Hispanic Consumers

It’s no secret that Hispanic consumers make up one of the largest and most desirous audiences in the advertising space. And so, hoping to ascertain an advantage, many marketers are putting the online habits and trends of Latino audiences under an analytical microscope.

The U.S. Census shows that Hispanics are the country’s most rapidly growing group of multicultural consumers. Now consider that 92% of the total growth in U.S. population from 2000 to 2014 came from said multicultural consumers. Even as immigration into the U.S. slows, as is predicted, the Hispanic market will continue to expand in terms of online presence and prominence.

Successful marketers seek to monetize the habits of Hispanic audiences with a discerning eye, and as experts in audience buying, we’re here to help. Our research tells us that Hispanic consumers exhibit the following advertising proclivities:

     – Hispanic shoppers are more attuned to mobile advertising than non-Hispanic shoppers.

     – Digital video plays a much greater role in brand consideration for Hispanics.

     – Hispanic buyers are more social in response to advertising.

An example of these findings in action takes place in a recent automotive case study presented by Millward Brown Digital. The study surveyed both English and Spanish speaking automotive shoppers and found the Hispanic group were:

     – 2x as likely to find mobile ads persuasive.

     – 3x as likely to find video ads persuasive.

     – 50% of Hispanic shoppers used a brand’s hashtag on social media.

While these numbers are specific to a particular vertical (automotive, in this case), the statistics reflect the widely observed and aforementioned relationships between Hispanic advertising and consumption behaviors.

In a diversifying economic landscape, it’s paramount for marketers to interpret audience statistics and apply best practices. To engage Hispanic audiences marketers must own mobile, video and social – no small task. But if marketers are able to successfully establish their brand in each medium, the results promise to be significant.

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