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Keeping Up With Generation Z

Like it or not, Generation Z is here to stay; at least for another decade or so.

Like it or not, Generation Z is here to stay; at least for another decade or so. In the years past, advertisers along with brands were slow to fully grasp Millennials. Whether it was stubbornness or lack of understanding, brands and advertisers dropped the ball when it came to appealing to that generation. The good news is, Generation Z presents new opportunity to let go of the stubbornness, and fully jump on board.

First we must understand who Generation Z is and what their characteristics are. Gen Z is a collection of people born between 1997 and 2011. The first cohorts of this generation are 16 to 19 year olds; which is approximately 27 percent of the worlds population and 25 percent of the US population. Gen Z folks are very comfortable with the internet and technology. They prefer most of their socialization be done through social media. The Generation Z population is unimpressed with brands that cannot offer them connected experiences. Savvy to the tech world, they demand visual and technical excellence. Generation Zers may even be the most informed, given their ability to access information with such ease.

Appealing to the unique sense of self and the world around them will require brands to shift their paradigm and embrace three key points according to Joline McGoldrick, Director of Research, Millward Brown Digital.

“First, brands need to invest media dollars and focus activity in digital platforms that allow consumers to co-create a shared brand experience.” Gen Zers like to be hands on, they like to take part in it, and feel like they were part of the creation.

She goes on, “Second, brands need to give their target consumers a deeper look inside the brand via owned media. Beyond simply offering products and services, brands need to share their story, their purpose and details about their production processes”.

McGoldrick precedes her report by pointing out that brands need to shift their campaigns from left-brain advertising to right-brain branding. Generation Zers aren’t so much concerned with calculations and logical thinking. What appeals to them are three-dimensional sense, creativity and the artistic senses.

The moral of the story? Generation Z is here and here to stay. The lessons? Adapt messaging and strategy to be on point with how this group views the world. After all, it is all about your audience

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