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5 Tips to Enhance Your Social Campaigns

Now that the New Years hangover has finally decided to show some mercy, you’re probably back in the office trying to revamp your business image.

Now that the New Years hangover has finally decided to show some mercy, you’re probably back in the office trying to revamp your business image. New Year, new you right? Well, if this isn’t your first month on the job, you’ve probably picked up that social media is a great way to get infront of certain audiences. Snapchat. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. Youtube. Tumblr. Pick your poison.

According to Marketing Land and revised by Awlogy, here are a few simple ways to optimize your social creative for the new year:

1. Refresh Your Creative ad Copy

Get creative with your creative. Make it fun, make it trendy, speak to your audience and make it work. Whether you’re presenting a new angle, or making something explode, your goal is to get people’s attention and keep it relevant. Take inspiration, but give it a twist. Give your audience something they haven’t seen before—essentially, get them excited and make them think.

One easy fix to change up your creative is to angle it for the season to take your message in a new direction. Creative that is timely speaks directly to your audience and increases delivery on social platforms. Not to mention when done properly it’ll greatly  reduce the cost to reach your target audience.

2. Test a New Platform

Social media and its ad capabilities are constantly changing and growing within the industry. Did you know the ad tech product life cycle changes every 16 days? Yeah. That’s quick. Keeping up with the changes is key. Did you also know that you can run mobile app install ads in Pinterest? OR that you can send users off of Snapchat to view a site or app store? Don’t limit your potential by sticking to what you know. Venture outside the box and allow your audience to engage from a holistic angle.

In 2017, look at audience usage on a new platform and set aside an ancillary budget to watch the magic happen. Of course, this won’t work for every campaign, but we’ve seen a ton of success connecting multiple platforms together to increase reach and enhance engagement.

3. Update Your Audience

Filter. the. noise. In order to ensure campaign success, who you target (and who you don’t) is essential for social understanding. Make it a point to keep on top of your customer lists so that you’re not limiting your growth by overlapping current customers with content designed for new customers.

4. Audit Your Tracking

Proper tracking for accurate reporting is vital. Across all social platforms, make sure to audit your pixels and custom conversion events to ensure they’re all firing correctly. Although auditing may be the most boring thing to tackle, it’s essential for assigning true value to your social efforts. So grab a red bull and a cliff bar and let’s see what you’re worth.

5. Spelling Attribution

Just like setting up the proper pixels across your campaign initiatives, giving weight to each tactic, platform and channel is just as important. Gone are the days where last click attribution means anything. Combine all campaign data together to see how each tactic in each part of the funnel plays an intrigual role in overall success. Analyze, dissect and attribute. The trick is to lay this out visually so your account manager and client understand how this all works together.

Social is a small piece of the marketing mix, but a crucial one for certain audiences. Make 2017 the year you take your business to the next level by following these five simple steps. 5,000 + ad tech’s and counting.

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