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Millennials: Media Usage and Motivation

What media platforms do Millennials interact with and what are driving their actions? Some of the answers may surprise you.

What media platforms do Millennials interact with and what are driving their actions? Some of the answers may surprise you.
When it comes to engagement, Millennials interact with email more than any other generational group. 

A recent study by Campaigner suggested Millennial shoppers are far more likely to open brand emails than consumers from other generations. “The findings signal that in this day and age, the younger consumers both expect and appreciate email messages from their favorite brands,” said Campaigner General Manager EJ McGowan. Email provides a channel for the personal, relevant experience Millennials crave.
The question is then, what is driving Millennial email use?

Millennials use email for downstream, one-to-one contact with companies to execute transactions, gain updates and for customer service needs. Given the choice of executing these tasks via email, in person, postal mail, social media, phone, online chat or text message, Millennials overwhelmingly chose email. The Millennial shopper doesn’t want to feel pressured to make immediate decisions, but instead wants to compute the information given to them via email.
Offers and discounts are enticing propositions that attract Millennials. It may be a bit surprising, but Millennial consumers are most interested in coupons and promotions when compared to other generations. Despite perceptions of entitlement, members of this generation are fairly frugal and cautious about how they spend their money. Due in large part to the Great Recession of the late 2000s, Millennials have learned to make due with less disposable income, have become more purposeful in their purchasing habits and look for “deals” when possible. 
Thus, email can hold monetary value to the Millennial shopper. Email has become the vehicle we use to receive our offers, discounts or ‘exclusive’ happenings.
“As social media-savvy as Millennials are, when it comes to brand engagement, email is still the best medium to reach this group,” said Campaigner’s Associate Director of Revenue Operations Seamas Egan.
Even though email outranked social media in terms of brand interaction for Millennial shoppers, marketers should not abandon social channels but rather meet Millennials throughout their digital journey. Each play their part in the consideration cycle one goes through.

There will always be an ebb and flow between which platform sees the most engagement. As new options become available, as new generations arise and as people grow tired or platforms become oversaturated we will see new trends.

We will stay tuned to keep you updated on everything you need to know.

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