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Facebook’s Four Priorities for 2019

Facebook isn’t shy about its ambitions to connect the world. Its efforts to accomplish this goal are what’s made it a go-to-stop for advertisers.


But despite its success as an ad platform for businesses, Facebook knows it has more to do. This is especially true considering the challenges Facebook has faced in recent years. During the company's Q4 call, Mark Zuckerberg outlined Facebook's four priorities for 2019.

Facebook Begins Rollout of Tracking Pixel to Groups

Facebook has offered brand marketers unparalleled data on the customer’s buying journey. Its tracking pixel, which allows advertisers to measure conversions, optimize ad delivery and build specific target audiences, is now coming to one of Facebook’s most buzzed-about and up-and-coming features.

Three Takeaways From Marketing Land’s Audience Size Analysis of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat

Before embarking on any major digital campaign, there’s a question businesses looking to market their services or products must ponder.

Where is their customer?

Recently, Marketing Land offered some insights on some of the top social media networks today that could help companies seeking to find an answer.