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Music to Marketers Ears

Radio, one of the oldest forms of mass media, is carving a new, programmatic frontier in the advertising landscape and Awlogy is positioned at its forefront. As brands and agencies increasingly seek systematic targeting and comprehensive analytics, radios’ move to programmatic is as inevitable as it is shrewd.

Fueled by competition and fighting for a slice of the $37 billion in global radio revenue, three major radio publishers are driving the programmatic shift: Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. All three companies have recently released or are beta testing programmatic solutions for their platforms. Long-standing relationships with these radio providers empower Awlogy to leverage the strengths of each into our audience buying tactics.

We’ve matched the technical capabilities of each radio publisher with some of our own tactical insights:

iHeartRadio: With products spread over AM/FM, digital radio, satellite radio, mobile apps, and gaming consoles, iHeartRadio boasts the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America, with 245 million monthly listeners. All of these eardrums are now open for programmatic advertising through 3rd-party partnerships – Awlogy being one of them.

Awlogy insight: Hone in on your audience based on a catalogue of listener data points, including weather, traffic patterns, political affiliation or the kind of car the listener drives.

Spotify: The Swedish company announced last Wednesday that it will start offering programmatic audio advertising for the 70 million people using the free version of its platform.

Awlogy insight: Find channels that limit ad fraud and promote brand safety. Spotify requires every listener, paid and free, to create a user login. User logins are proven to more successfully curb ad fraud.

Pandora: Engaging its massive mobile presence, Pandora offers an expansive inventory of programmatic display and video ad buying for audio subscribers.

Awlogy insight: Reach mobile audiences with shared (or divergent) interests by accessing listeners across Pandora’s host of audio services, including music streaming, audio social networks, audiobooks and podcasts. Pandora also has the ability to layer on 3rd party data providers to help drill down audiences.

Traditional radio was an industry defined by direct local buys and limited targeting. As marketers outgrew the simplistic listener demographics of terrestrial radio, programmatic buying quickly became the best solution. Built on an audience buying foundation, Awlogy is already guiding brands and agencies as they begin to navigate radio’s rejuvenated landscape.

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