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Campaign Supervisor

Automate media reporting via a visually stimulating dashboard

24/7 Live Dashboard

Updated each week, Campaign Supervisor’s comprehensive dashboard seamlessly ingests and organizes campaign data providing an illustrative view across all channels, tactics and media activations. With one central hub of information, the focus shifts from hours of data pulling, creating pivot tables and formatting to immediately being able to better understand audience trends, behaviors and possible strategy optimizations. Awogy’s Campaign Supervisor reporting dashboard is meant to challenge the norm and push past the bare bones power point or excel templates to provide real value and insights instantaneously.

• 24/7 Access
• Visual Audience Performance
• Automatic Updates
• Central Reporting Hub
• Attribution Center


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Utilize a mix of proprietary and custom solutions to plan, execute and analyze your media campaigns. Our team of campaign scientists can manage the entire process or provide support as needed.