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Media Command Center

30 Point Ad Tech Vetting Process identifying algorithmic strengths, data ingestion methods and proper use cases.

The ultimate media database

With the world of marketing turning into a blend of big data and software companies, marketers are struggling to find ad tech’s that strike the key balance between innovation, scalability and driving results. Today’s landscape is skyrocketing with over 3,870 different data providers, DSP’s, CMP’s, brand safety providers and more. Will this shiny innovative new tech drive results? What is this DSP’s particular algorithm good for – Awareness or DR? Does the platform really do what the company says it can? 

These and many more are the questions that are answered in Awlogy’s patented command center. This type of MarTech deep analysis provides clients with the perfect blend between innovation, scalability and results.


More Media Solutions

Utilize a mix of proprietary and custom solutions to plan, execute and analyze your media campaigns. Our team of campaign scientists can manage the entire process or provide support as needed.