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Advanced Audience Planning

Leverage a team of advanced audience planners and sophisticated data to give you a clear idea of who your audience is and where your media should run.

Leverage advanced tools.

Today’s media world has evolved into a multi dimensional landscape blending the lines of technology, media and psychology. For even the simplest of campaigns a diverse array of behaviors, touchpoints, screen types, data and ad technologies should be accounted for. An audience based approach to how individuals react on certain devices at certain times is the most fundamental shift in the way media plans have evolved. Awlogy blends the layers between psychology, technology and media fundamentals to create thought leading strategies to help brands and agencies master this ever changing environment.   

• Audience Planning & Development
• Media Channel Recommendation
• Behavioral Profiling
• Media Strategy Creation


More Media Solutions

Utilize a mix of proprietary and custom solutions to plan, execute and analyze your media campaigns. Our team of campaign scientists can manage the entire process or provide support as needed.