Reaching Baby Boomers in the Digital Age

The digital conversation typically starts and ends with Millennials. After all, they’re dialed into technology more than any other generation in existence. But as the world continues to plug in,

The State of Video: Trends and Insights

There are reasons to be excited about what’s trending in video. From compelling content to expanding audience sizes, digital video, which includes TV shows, movies, news and ads is experiencing

Search Mentality: How does your audience search?

Search, particularly paid search, plays an integral role in many performance driven digital campaigns. Engines like Google and Bing are often times the first place a user looks for information

Music Festivals: Audience Habits

  Between the flower crown social feeds and seemingly constant colorful line-up releases, it’s no secret that music festivals have slowly shown themselves as a powerful niche market for agencies

Facebook Unveils AR Platform

Imagine peering through a lens and instantly being able to toggle, transform and overlay items within your immediate surroundings; in a nutshell, that’s what AR has to offer, and according

4 Benefits: eCommerce

​ATTENTION: For all of those who’ve been exposed to the thought that an online store is “unnecessary” or “too much work,” we’re here to show you exactly what, and how

Now Available: YouTube TV

Funny cat videos? YouTube. Need to get that wine stain out of your button up? YouTube. Live news broadcasts and dozens of new original channel offerings? YouTube TV.  

5 Tips: Effective Video Ads

Ever feel like your job is way too interesting to be advertised one-dimensionally? Well, much like that hammerhead espresso you just downed, video ads offer you the prime opportunity to

4 Tips: Marketing to Baby Boomers

With age comes wisdom, right? Now your mom may’ve been the one to tell you that, but what she didn’t tell you is that the real wisdom on who to

Optimizing For Voice Search

Don’t we all yearn for someone we can boss around that’ll actually listen to what we have to say? I mean that’s why we have younger siblings— but voice assistants

4 Hacks: Native Display Ads

In our crazy ad-saturated world, the day has come where consumers have become more digitally-aware (yes, they may be evolving).