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New FB Ad Opportuntites: Mid-Roll Videos

New FB Ad Opportuntites: Mid-Roll Videos

We’ve all experienced one time or another where we’re headed to carry out our civil-duties at the local grocery store, on what we believe to be an all business occasion. That is, until we catch the mesmerizing glimpse of an olive green sash adorned with eclectic pins staffed at the entrance that allows a smile to creep across our lips. Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, you name it. They’re there before we even knew we needed them. Seamless interruptions, that come as an added value and improve our quality of life. 
One thing we can learn from our beloved Girl Scouts of America is that successful sales are a by-factor of product placement, accessibility, and quality of goods. Similar to cookie sales, good advertising is all about leaving a good taste in your consumer’s mouth. 
It wasn't too long ago that Facebook added contextually relevant mid-roll within Live video broadcasts. This year, the social network plans to do the same with non-Live videos.
According to Marketing Land, mid-roll ads will be placed into selected publishers’ videos after those videos have played for at least 20 seconds. The ad content will be limited to 15 seconds max, then it will proceed with the video. It’s as if Facebook has been inspired by the now, very popular Family Guy cut aways. 

Facebooks new announcement to introduce mid-roll ads in non-live video presents new opportunities for relevant product placements and messages.  
Facebook has been testing in-live videos since last August, and for advertisers, mid-roll ads will be enabled by default when buying a video ad campaign. They have also added some targeting options. For example, advertisers will be able to pick categories in which they want their ad to run. And equally important, they will be able to specify which categories they want to avoid – for all those brand safety sensitive clients. 

Although an interesting new addition for advertisers, mid-roll ads have been synonymous with frustration among many consumers. The mindset of “a longer spot will increase recall” is dying – quickly. Studies have found that shorter videos (3-5 seconds), done correctly, can offer an advertiser just as much awareness equity as a long drawn out :30 second master piece. Also less irritating. But, Facebook isn’t quite there yet.
Keeping this in mind, Facebooks new addition of mid-roll ads holds the potential to be just the sweet surprise designed to satisfy your consumer’s content-related cravings.
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