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Full Campaign Management

From strategy, executing, reporting and everything in between.

Worry Free Management

With today’s media landscape shifting every 90 days, campaign management demands resources that were previously not needed. DSP Operators, Data Analysts, Project Managers, Data Buyers, Placement Q/A Managers and Account Strategists are just a few of the specialized skill sets needed in order execute and manage programmatic media campaigns. Awlogy’s careful hiring and training process expands brand and agency teams to include each of these key players to provide the additional resources needed in order to run effective media campaigns. 

•    28 point Pre Campaign Q/A 
•    Creative Level Q/A Management
•     Pixel Q/A
•    Real Time Campaign Adjustments
•    Continuous Strategic Recommendations 
•    Tag Creation, Placement Setup, Ad Serving
•    Daily Vendor Management


More Media Solutions

Utilize a mix of proprietary and custom solutions to plan, execute and analyze your media campaigns. Our team of campaign scientists can manage the entire process or provide support as needed.