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Brand Safety + Ad Fraud Prevention

Ad fraud equates to over $8 billion a year in lost revenue, so ensuring that ads are being shown to real people and positioned on appropriate content is priceless and required.

Protect your media

While digital media campaigns take advantage of the vast array of content categories, inventory sources, ad formats etc. it is central for any marketer to ensure that brand experiences are served in the right environment. With brand reputations at stake and billions of dollars lost to ad fraud every year, Awlogy includes industry leading safety techniques across all campaigns. Whether it be an emphasis on ad fraud protection, brand safety parameters, viewability or all three, Awlogy’s strategy remains consistent. 

• Brand Safety Blocking and Reporting
• Ad Fraud Blocking and Reporting
• Viewability Threshold Tracking


More Media Solutions

Utilize a mix of proprietary and custom solutions to plan, execute and analyze your media campaigns. Our team of campaign scientists can manage the entire process or provide support as needed.