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Vote Now: Revamping Standard Ads

Have you ever been browsing the web, either on your desktop or mobile, looking for that thrilling article to read? Or searching for that hilarious video clip to show your friends? And then, right as you tap or click on the link, BAM! Just about the most annoying thing happens: you get the dreaded oversized ad that wasn’t made for your phone. Or even worse, you get the video ad that you can’t click out of or even pause.

VR: Let’s Be Real

Since the 1950s, Virtual Reality has been on the minds and fingertips of engineers and creative minds alike. In 1968, Ivan Sutherland created what is widely considered the first Virtual Reality head mounted system. Even though it wasn’t very functional, or very realistic, the creation of such an astounding unit paved the way for other creators to continue the development of VR and shape what it has become today.

Snapchat: Next In Line

By now, you may have seen the little cartoon ghost logo on the mobile application known as Snapchat. In its embryonic stages, it was a silly app used by young teens to send picture and video messages that would disappear after a view. These days, this silly app garnishes 150 million users daily and is starting to become big business for marketers.

Coupons: Not Only For Your Mom

Long ago, before there was hand held computers under the alias of mobile devices, many families couponed. Couponing was the art of scouring the 3 pound edition of the Sunday newspaper filled with ads and feverously clipping away at deals and discounts. These days the newspaper business has taken a tremendous hit and isn’t what it once was, but Couponing, more specifically mobile couponing, is alive and well.

School is Back. Let the Tech Giants Fight.

Just like that. It’s September and summer is over.  Back to school shopping and holiday seasons here we come. Parents and children from all around the US have descended upon the stationary sections in local department stores gearing up for the new year.  Back-to-School shopping spending this year has been projected to be big.  So big in fact that an estimated $75 billion this year will be spent in the next couple of months, according to the National Retail Federation.

Insights on the Horizon

I’m sure everyone who’s been in the media department remembers their toughest marathon through Q3. The first of the month would creep around only to have just recovered from August’s towering queue of pacing checks, campaign wrap ups, and the never ending need for performance insights.  The bright side: you just might be ready for September, where the real ramping up often begins.

Answers For Attribution

When a web user completes a conversion, who is responsible? The user? The advertiser? The Google? It’s a question as old as advertising itself and you’ll hear a variety of guesswork answers. At Awlogy, we prefer quantifiable solutions over guesswork and therefore rely on attribution models to assign conversion credit.

Attribution + Automation = Awesome

Programmatic audience buying, a ubiquitous force in digital marketing, is now cornering the next slice of the tech stack: television. But unlike digital, TV rates are governed by survey data instead of the classic supply and demand model. Nielsen, the de facto national television viewership service, monitors (and therefore fixes) TV rates and uses the set-top habits of around 5,000 households to represent the larger viewership patterns of 99 million U.S. households.

Music to Marketers Ears

Radio, one of the oldest forms of mass media, is carving a new, programmatic frontier in the advertising landscape and Awlogy is positioned at its forefront. As brands and agencies increasingly seek systematic targeting and comprehensive analytics, radios’ move to programmatic is as inevitable as it is shrewd.

Speaking the Language of Location

Mobile phones and tablets have long been considered “secondary devices” to conventional desktop computers. But roles are being reversed as mobile device usage skyrockets. Naturally, advertisers are reacting to this industry shift; according to eMarketer, 2016 will be the first year where U.S. mobile ad spending will surpass desktop ad spending.