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PTV: Now & In The Future

Traditionally, the TV buying and selling process has involved countless non-automatic and manual interactions. A process that, while long-established, has become a little too drawn out for all of our current technological capabilities. Cue Programmatic TV. 

2016 Search Landscape In-Review

We do it when we’re in a hurry. We do it when we’re bored or curious. We do it all the time, and probably a lot more than we realize it. We all search. 

In View of Ad Viewability

Advertising news as of late is chaulk full of discussions about ad blockers, major acquisitions and lawsuits; however, what used to be a hot and vastly misunderstood topic, viewability, has largely slipped under the radar. Yet, viewability is still something that is vastly important to digital media campaigns.

Martech: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Adoption

With the speed at which technology is advancing nowadays, the world is left to play a constant game of catch up. This is especially true in the marketing world, where players in the industry have to react quickly to the ever-evolving technological landscape or be left using outdated, less efficient technology. This development is taking the industry by force with no signs of slowing down.

The Informational Age

It should be common sense, that good reliable information is critical when it comes to consumers and their decision making. But, what may be common to you and I, isn’t always common to others. And we surely cannot rely on people having good sense. So, it must be said very clearly; reliable and correct information is crucial to any businesses success.

Predicting Marketing’s Future

There are many times in our lives where it is almost impossible to step back, take a deep breath, assess the on going event or phenomenon, and analyze with a bit more critical thinking. In many respects, technology and data driven marketing are one of those times where the pace is moving so fast that it is difficult to pull yourself away and recognize that we are really in the early stages. That the future for technology related to marketing is boundless.

Lots of Devices = Less Time with TV

Isn’t it always so fascinating how perception can be vastly different than reality? This happens in our lives quite often, what we perceive to be the truth turns out to be only our preconceived assumptions. And many of those times, our suppositions aren’t even rooted in facts, just feelings. We have all heard the saying, perception is reality, but in the world of marketing, fact-less based perceptions can leave your pockets empty and your ads worthless.