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Attribution + Automation = Awesome

Programmatic audience buying, a ubiquitous force in digital marketing, is now cornering the next slice of the tech stack: television. But unlike digital, TV rates are governed by survey data instead of the classic supply and demand model. Nielsen, the de facto national television viewership service, monitors (and therefore fixes) TV rates and uses the set-top habits of around 5,000 households to represent the larger viewership patterns of 99 million U.S. households.

Analyzing the Advertising Habits of Hispanic Consumers

It’s no secret that Hispanic consumers make up one of the largest and most desirous audiences in the advertising space. And so, hoping to ascertain an advantage, many marketers are putting the online habits and trends of Latino audiences under an analytical microscope.

Capitalizing On Mobile Immersion

Yesterday, John Motavalli, a columnist for MediaPost’s Programmatic Insider, wrote a compelling article about programmatic advertising’s response to the mobile obsession of the younger generation.

Facebook Audience Network: What It Is & Where It’s Headed

A year and a half ago, Facebook jumped into the mobile network arena with the creation of its Facebook Audience Network or FAN for short. Ingesting thousands of apps into a closed network, FAN allows advertisers to utilize Facebook’s wealth of audience and interest data outside of the social media platform. For those media buyers that have taken advantage of this offering, they know it has performed well.