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Search Mentality: How does your audience search?

Search, particularly paid search, plays an integral role in many performance driven digital campaigns. Engines like Google and Bing are often times the first place a user looks for information as well as the last.

PTV: Now & In The Future

Traditionally, the TV buying and selling process has involved countless non-automatic and manual interactions. A process that, while long-established, has become a little too drawn out for all of our current technological capabilities. Cue Programmatic TV. 

Black Friday Misses Mobile Sales Potential

On Thanksgiving night we all probably gathered with our families and loved ones for some bonding time and incredible feasts of food. And on Friday, brave souls wandered to shopping centers and big retailers in search of some of the best deals of the year. Black Friday: the unofficial commencement of the busiest shopping season of the year. For those willing to embark on the annual shopping mayhem, it was a day filled with hours of waiting in line and elbowing hundreds of people to snag the best bargains. But are consumers still willing to put themselves through such physical ordeals?

Martech: Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Adoption

With the speed at which technology is advancing nowadays, the world is left to play a constant game of catch up. This is especially true in the marketing world, where players in the industry have to react quickly to the ever-evolving technological landscape or be left using outdated, less efficient technology. This development is taking the industry by force with no signs of slowing down.

‘Tis the Season: Mobile Experiences Make Engaged Customers

Walk around the aisles of any retail store, and you are bound to encounter at least one person looking at the screen of their smartphone. Our interdependency on our digital technology has become fairly commonplace. With the holiday shopping season looming, our smartphones will definitely be a surefire weapon for snagging the best deals and for all things research.

The Informational Age

It should be common sense, that good reliable information is critical when it comes to consumers and their decision making. But, what may be common to you and I, isn’t always common to others. And we surely cannot rely on people having good sense. So, it must be said very clearly; reliable and correct information is crucial to any businesses success.

Lots of Devices = Less Time with TV

Isn’t it always so fascinating how perception can be vastly different than reality? This happens in our lives quite often, what we perceive to be the truth turns out to be only our preconceived assumptions. And many of those times, our suppositions aren’t even rooted in facts, just feelings. We have all heard the saying, perception is reality, but in the world of marketing, fact-less based perceptions can leave your pockets empty and your ads worthless.