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New FB Ad Opportuntites: Mid-Roll Videos

We’ve all experienced one time or another where we’re headed to carry out our civil-duties at the local grocery store, on what we believe to be an all business occasion.

PTV: Now & In The Future

Traditionally, the TV buying and selling process has involved countless non-automatic and manual interactions. A process that, while long-established, has become a little too drawn out for all of our current technological capabilities. Cue Programmatic TV. 

2016 Search Landscape In-Review

We do it when we’re in a hurry. We do it when we’re bored or curious. We do it all the time, and probably a lot more than we realize it. We all search. 

The Answer To In-Store Attribution

What if measuring the impact of digital ads on consumers' path to purchase in brick-and-mortar stores was as simple as measuring cookies for e-commerce?

Black Friday Misses Mobile Sales Potential

On Thanksgiving night we all probably gathered with our families and loved ones for some bonding time and incredible feasts of food. And on Friday, brave souls wandered to shopping centers and big retailers in search of some of the best deals of the year. Black Friday: the unofficial commencement of the busiest shopping season of the year. For those willing to embark on the annual shopping mayhem, it was a day filled with hours of waiting in line and elbowing hundreds of people to snag the best bargains. But are consumers still willing to put themselves through such physical ordeals?