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Exploring the Present State of Online Radio: Spotify

In part one of our three-part series on online streaming services, all which are available through the Awlogy Total Audio Solution, we take a look at the reach and audience using streaming service Spotify.

Search Mentality: How does your audience search?

Search, particularly paid search, plays an integral role in many performance driven digital campaigns. Engines like Google and Bing are often times the first place a user looks for information as well as the last.

VR: Are We Ready For It?

Imagine cracking a Corona on a hot day. Just before you allow the liquid courage to intoxicate your presence, your 6th sense ignites and you’re instantly transported to an exotic island splashing around with your favorite golden suds — sponsored by Corona.  

New FB Ad Opportuntites: Mid-Roll Videos

We’ve all experienced one time or another where we’re headed to carry out our civil-duties at the local grocery store, on what we believe to be an all business occasion.